I recently began changing up my lifestyle quite a bit in hopes of establishing a healthy and natural routine. For the most part, this wasn’t to lose weight or get fit like you often hear about. Rather, I wanted to incorporate good and positive habits in my life so that I could be and feel healthier in all aspects of the word “health.”

The thing is, so many people only regard the word health as their general, overall health (i.e., physical health). Even the fact that “general health” and “overall health” allude to physical health shows we need to reimagine the word health to be more comprehensive to those other areas that are often overlooked. I’m talking about social, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. While we sort of know about these aspects of health, they’re often cast aside for the common and visible physical health.

Now, before I get into my new routines, I must admit that physical health is at the forefront of our minds when we think of health simply because it is tied to life. Without good physical health, we begin to fall ill, develop diseases and conditions, and generally cut our lifespan too short. The other facets of health definitely can impact your life for the worse, but they’re not typically as impactful on the length of your life. (Again, that’s not always the case, though.)

Anyway, what I’ve vowed to do this year is begin growing plants within my place and possibly in a garden outside. The problem with growing them outside is that I live in an apartment, so it’s not as easy as it is setting up some cardboard boxes inside and placing small potted plants within. But, there’s a chance I could try to start up a community garden with our complex, something I’m sure my neighbors may enjoy considering the community I live in. Even if that’s not a success, like I said, the cardboard boxes will suffice inside.

But I just think planting and taking care of plants could be a direct boost to my mental, emotional, and even spiritual health. Something about plants can seriously boost moods and energy levels, especially when those plants are respected and treated with care. Just like a lot of people get pets to care for them, I know that plants can bring a natural, “clean” atmosphere to one’s home, and so that’s what I plan to do for my place. Bringing a natural look and feel into my home is something I know my significant other would appreciate, too, so it’s especially helpful for fostering a healthier relationship between the two of us, too.